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Business Coaching

The Immense Value That Business Coaching And Executive Coaching Offers

Business coaching is one of the most important things to invest in for your company. It's a good idea to hire a coach who does not work for you or your company, as they'll be unbiased and able to think critically about your business and how you can improve it. Many companies are now offering executive coaching programs to their employees. What does this mean for you? Coaching is a form of counseling that helps individuals improve their performance at work or school. Executive coaching is becoming more common in businesses because it allows them to get better results from ...
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Motivational Coaching: What Can It Teach Me About Progress?

Nowadays, men are constantly striving to be perfect in every aspect of their lives. Perfectionism is a very high bar to reach, which normally makes you lose sight of your everyday progress. Motivational coaching teaches men how to embrace their day-to-day progress rather than working towards reaching perfection. What is Perfectionism? Perfectionism can be described as a habit of setting very high goals that cannot be achieved or can only be achieved with great struggle. Perfectionists see themselves as failures when they have not been able to meet certain set standards. Their perception is as a result of having fear ...
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How a Life Coach Can Help You Exceed Expectations With Personal Growth

If you have ever asked yourself any of these questions, "What do I want out of life?" or "What's holding me back?", “how do I invest in my personal growth?” then a life coach can help you find the answers. A good coach will push you forward and help you discover your potential. In other words, a life coach is like your personal trainer for everything except your physical fitness. (Although some of them are also health coaches who can guide in that area.) Working with someone on a regular basis will help you focus and stay motivated as you ...
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What to Do When You Lose Passion for Life

Life is hard sometimes - we all have our burdens to carry, and we can sometimes lose our passion for life. Very few people, if any, can escape this truth, and wounds tend to impact us regardless of whether we are aware of them or not. The impact of our pain can be seen in how passionate about life we are, or the level of joy we exhibit, or even the depth of intimacy we share while connecting with others. Additionally, our passion for life can be seen in the sense of accomplishment we feel in our lives. The ability ...
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Unlikely Teachers in our Lives

Have you ever noticed that certain traits or behaviors in others cause a negative reaction in you? In most of those cases, we’d probably admit that our emotional response was disproportionate to the infraction. When we take the time to explore this area of our lives, it can lead to greater personal growth. Learning From What Upsets Us I think most people that know me would say that I’m a pretty congenial type of guy. I continue to work on myself and that helps me to be understanding of others. But there are circumstances where I get upset very easily ...
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You Are Not Alone

Just know you’re not alone. We all have the habit of telling ourselves that everyone else is doing well and we’re the only one that’s struggling. I've had the privilege of knowing many of men’s stories through several decades. And I've come to understand that despite the facade projected to the world, everyone is going through some form of struggle. So my heartfelt message to you is, hang in there, and where it’s safe to do so, share your battle with another. Like the bottom side of a stone that has slimy moss, when flipped over and exposed to sunlight, ...
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Happiness comes from what we do. Fulfillment comes from why we do it

Understanding Your WHY

Everyone of us has a WHY, a deep-rooted purpose, cause or belief that is the source of our passion and inspiration. You may not yet know what yours is or how to express it in words. But you have one. Fulfillment is another word for happiness, but there’s more to it. All kinds of things make us happy at work: hitting a goal, getting a promotion, gaining a new client. But happiness is temporary; the feeling doesn’t last. Fulfillment is deeper. Fulfillment lasts. The difference between happiness and fulfillment is the difference between liking something and loving something. Fulfillment comes ...
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Breaking Free From Distraction

How do you feel when you are sitting still in a quiet place with no distractions? What happens when you are in a place of solitude? Is it peace. . . or is it a hard to place sense of uneasiness? Some of us find this to be an uncomfortable exercise to do. We much rather fill our time with busyness, tasks, noise - all as random distractions, rather than actually feeling what might be within us. If we are in a constant state of distraction, we may never understand what we might be feeling below the surface. The pursuit ...
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The Habits We Embrace

There’s comfort in routine, in doing things the way we are used to doing them. We are creatures of habit. Often routines and habits develop in our lives without us consciously choosing them. Some daily patterns may form out of a healthy place in our lives, and that is good. But some may have formed from unhealthy places that we gravitated to as survival or coping behaviors – or just shear comfort. These are the habits we would be wise to evaluate. There is a good likelihood that we have chosen routines and habits that actually work in direct opposition ...
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The Vital Importance of Identity

I have come to understand the vital importance of identity in our lives. It’s one of the most defining issues in determining the ultimate success of an individual. How we see ourselves, how we see our capabilities and how we see our role in this world are some of the most significant factors that shapes our existence. I’m not referring to how most of us would respond to these questions at the surface level. Rather, deep within us, where our core beliefs drive us at a sub conscience level, we have answered those questions. And we've done so in ways ...
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You're not going to master the rest of your life in one day. Just relax. Master the day. Then keep doing that every day.

Master the Day

A good portion of the anxiety we experience stems from concerns about our future and what it holds. Somehow we think we'll be better prepared by dreading over what is to come. The thought process is not constructive. There's no logic or productiveness to the lineage of thought. It's actually obsessive thoughts stuck on repeat. In the end, it’s wasted energy that serves no practical purpose. Fretting about the future, removes us from the present. And the present is the one place that we do have the ability to influence. So when concerns about tomorrow come, keep in mind that ...
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Replacing why is this happening to me with what can I learn from this is a game changer

The Ultimate Game Changer

Life is constantly offering us opportunities to grow. Many of us miss these valuable lessons because they often come in the form of a challenge that we’d prefer not to deal with. We perceive these circumstances as an inconvenience, an outright disruption to our every day lives. But if we have the discipline to re-frame how we see the circumstance, we can actually view it as a gift. The first time someone shared this thought with me, I wasn’t in a good place. As I heard the advise, some not so pleasant words formulated as a response. Fortunately, they never ...
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Playing the Cards Dealt to You

Working with what’s given to you. A simple but vital concept for achieving the progress we desire. Few of us have the luxury of having everything we want or everything we feel we need to achieve the next level. Whether it’s financial independence, career satisfaction, or relational depth, embracing this perspective is key to what we seek. Developing the mindset to play the cards dealt to us, doing so to the best of our ability, while making the most of what we can, where we are right now - it’s all an attitude we determine. We may not have control ...
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Breathe You Got This

The Benefit of Breathing (Beyond the Obvious)

A friend of mine reminded me the other day the importance of intentional breathing. They could tell that some life events were starting to take a toll on me. Many of us live pressure filled lives and stress naturally builds up causing our body to react with shorter, quicker breathing that robs the body of needed oxygen. It may seem obvious that we need oxygen but we may not be as aware of all the benefits we receive from something we take for granted. Advantages of Deep Breathing Decreases stress Increases calm Relieves pain Stimulates the lymphatic system (Detoxifies the ...
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