You Are Not Alone

August 4, 2021


Just know you’re not alone.

We all have the habit of telling ourselves that everyone else is doing well and we’re the only one that’s struggling.

I’ve had the privilege of knowing many of men’s stories through several decades. And I’ve come to understand that despite the facade projected to the world, everyone is going through some form of struggle. So my heartfelt message to you is, hang in there, and where it’s safe to do so, share your battle with another.

Like the bottom side of a stone that has slimy moss, when flipped over and exposed to sunlight, it dries up, turns to dust and is blown away. The same is true about sharing your struggle with another trusted individual. Bringing it into the light, helps begin the cleansing and healing process.

You shouldn’t have to travel this journey alone without the encouragement, acceptance and love of another – whether it’s a coach, therapist or trusted friend. Seek a companion that can come along side of you and see you 100% as you are, with all the courage you are currently mustering each and every day.

At minimum, you owe yourself that!

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