Motivational Coaching: What Can It Teach Me About Progress?

January 10, 2022

Nowadays, men are constantly striving to be perfect in every aspect of their lives. Perfectionism is a very high bar to reach, which normally makes you lose sight of your everyday progress.

Motivational coaching teaches men how to embrace their day-to-day progress rather than working towards reaching perfection.


What is Perfectionism?

Perfectionism can be described as a habit of setting very high goals that cannot be achieved or can only be achieved with great struggle.

Perfectionists see themselves as failures when they have not been able to meet certain set standards. Their perception is as a result of having fear of being judged for failing, and therefore without assistance from an empowerment coach, they become depressed.

Using a motivational life coaching mentor is fundamental when someone needs to set achievable goals to track his progress and maintain a healthy mental state. A good coach can help you understand that perfectionism has the potential to be the highest form of self abuse.

Motivational coaching also helps men not give up on their goals as they may feel discouraged along the way when faced with challenges. When you work with a coach committed to your success, you can avoid the typical traps that are inevitable along the way.

As mentor coaches, at the Full Life Institute, we aim at being present with our clients by focusing on asking questions without bias or judgment that encourages deeper understanding about the typical ways perfectionism can keep one from ultimately experiencing the progress they seek.


What is Progress?

Progress is defined as the forward movement toward a goal. Progress is a simple concept that most men do not acknowledge.

A progressive mindset allows a man to feel pleased even when there is room for improvement. Having an inspirational coach helps you to remain optimistic by guiding you on personal development while empowering you to achieve your goals.


Why Choose Progress and Not Perfectionism

You will learn that perfectionism is the enemy of success through a motivational life coach, and progress makes it easier and more fun to reach your goals. Here are some of the benefits of having a progressive mind.

  • Makes it easy to celebrate each accomplishment, however minimal.
  • It helps men manage challenges that will come in the pursuit of their goals with the help of an inspirational coach as they become aware of ups and downs.
  • Progress opens your mind to learning from mistakes and not seeing yourself as a failure.
  • It helps a man to keep going when he looks back at the challenges he overcomes.


How To Stop Perfectionism From Controlling Your Life

  • Breaking Down Projects into Simple Tasks. A motivational life coach will advise you on how to break down major projects into smaller achievable tasks that will motivate you to keep going.
  • Setting A Realistic Schedule While Tracking Your Time. An empowerment coach helps you assess a realistic schedule to prevent you from biting more than what you can chew.
  • Seek Professional Help From A Mentor Coach. Dealing with perfectionism is a battle that you don’t need to fight alone. With the help of a motivational life coach, you are equipped with all the necessary strategies to help you focus on small accomplishments rather than trying to reach a high standard goal with a lot of difficulties.


Re-adjusting your relationship concerning failure and mistakes is important for your mental health.

At Full Life Institute, our motivational coaching helps you to distinguish between failure and negligence. A motivational life coach defines the need to be able to empower you to learn from your failures and grow from them, while preventing you from the trap of becoming a self-defeating perfectionist.

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