What to Do When You Lose Passion for Life

October 18, 2021

Life is hard sometimes – we all have our burdens to carry, and we can sometimes lose our passion for life.

Very few people, if any, can escape this truth, and wounds tend to impact us regardless of whether we are aware of them or not.

The impact of our pain can be seen in how passionate about life we are, or the level of joy we exhibit, or even the depth of intimacy we share while connecting with others. Additionally, our passion for life can be seen in the sense of accomplishment we feel in our lives.

The ability to live our lives wholeheartedly and passionately is related to how free we feel and how much we think we have achieved. Deep pain, of course, affects all of us and affects how we connect with each other.

Whenever there is a significant wound in our lives, we can create false core beliefs, which limits our ability to develop tools that we would need to process other difficult experiences later on.

Any time we are wounded, we attach some of it to a lie that we tell ourselves. This can take the form of statements like “I do not have what it takes to handle this,” or “I am not worthy of being loved.”

When you don’t have the ability to process difficult events with clarity, it can make you avoid the feelings that come along with them. Eventually, like shaking a soda bottle, these feelings will erupt, and they can be destructive to our inner peace, our relationships, and even our livelihoods.

These eruptions are evidence of wounds and an inability to connect with each other deeply, authentically, and meaningfully.

The process of deep healing needs you to be in a safe and healthy environment and with people you can trust around you.

Time and again, exploring and understanding some of these truths has proven to be the only way you can reclaim your life and live a life you were meant to live.

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What to Do When You Lose Passion for Life

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