About Full Life Institute

“I have come that they may have life,
and have it to the full.”

Jesus of Nazareth

About Full Life Institute

Full Life Institute is a Christian-based platform specifically developed to help men passionately pursue their journeys with intention and purpose. The exploration within, while in pursuit of life goals, is rich and adventurous territory. It requires connecting with your strength, passion, and creativity. The challenge is the equivalent of driving with a dirty windshield, gaining momentary glimpses of clarity, only to fall back to a murky view of what lies ahead. Deep down we know there’s more out there, but most of the time there is an unnerving uncertainty about the path we’re traveling. Living a life of personal assessment can open up your field of view and start you down the road you desire, the one you were meant to live. 

Full Life coaching helps you to pursue your potential; to experience character development, healthy relationships, and living free from the things that hold you back. Where success has been elusive, you can now break through to the outcomes you desire. The Full Life process helps you chart a course and live your life intentionally while receiving all the benefits of doing so.

The measure of a man’s character is often revealed by the size of the wave it takes to knock him off course. The Full Life journey prepares you to brace against the challenges of life and to be a stable, encouraging presence for those around you.

Through Full Life, we can help you live a life that is authentic, joyful, productive, wholehearted, open, passionate, engaged, present, impactful, and fully alive.  

About Jim McCoy

I have had the privilege of being a trusted advisor over several decades, helping others identify and achieve their life’s pursuits, purpose and potential. This coaching process helps you chart your course and go after it with intention and determination.

While I enjoy the company of all types of individuals, the ones I find I relate to the most are achievers; the type of people who always seem to have multiple projects going on in their lives. In both the personal and professional areas, I connect with creation and growth as mindsets.

After many years and a Jim McCoymultitude of projects, I’ve concluded that the most important project a man can work on is himself. Personal growth is the wisest of investments with the most abundant of returns. The investment required isn’t just financial, but one of committed time, courage, and focus. I’ve learned this largely through men of faith and understanding who took time to know my story while trusting me with theirs. They modeled authenticity, acceptance, and encouragement. . .and it made all the difference.

I’ve encountered plenty of obstacles throughout my life, and without a doubt my most significant challenges, and as a result, my greatest growth, occurred not vocationally but personally. Stoicism believes you should never waste a personal obstacle, rather leverage trials to advance one’s own development. Stoics saw each challenge as an opportunity to gain insight and sharpen abilities. I’ve come to appreciate looking at life in such a way.

I got exposed firsthand to many of life’s most difficult circumstances throughout a good portion of my life. The unstable environments in which I found myself caused me to seek out answers that have equipped me. I became aware of the deep-rooted wounds that were harming those in my life and the life that I sought. As my awareness grew, so did my desire for increased understanding in the areas of mental, emotional, relational, physical, and spiritual truth.

My worldview took shape as I explored my faith and the promises made in the Scriptures. In my thirties, I was given a book Wild at Heart, authored by John Eldredge. It had a profound impact on how I viewed the journey of life. Its message validated what was true within me, yet was hearing very little of it in my Christian circles. The message within its pages affirmed that my faith could embrace my masculine heart and gave me permission to see life as the adventure and battle I knew it to be.

The last 20 years have brought dramatic highs and sorrowful lows, and through it all I paid attention, allowing the insights to come. Now that I’m in my fifties, I benefit from Forum men’s groups. To say “benefiting” doesn’t do justice to how deeply rewarding the opportunity is. Forums are a systematic, intentional approach to the pursuit of personal exploration, healing, and transformation. The journey of personal growth is accelerated when experienced with others whose determination and commitment are inspiring. Each year there is a high priority given to monthly gatherings and semi-annual retreats. Each of the events provides me the opportunity to keep exploring my own personal work.

I now have a group of men in my life who know me well and are intentional about their path, knowing it will be as challenging as it is rewarding. It’s a path that relatively few men have known the blessing of experiencing.

It’s with a deep sense of gratitude, that I now extend the invitation to you.

As I look back through my journey, it’s clear that sharing these experiences, walking with others as they pursue their potential, and lending a helping hand as others had done for me, is a path that I’m called to.  It’s with this conclusion in mind, Full Life Institute was brought to life.

I look forward to the opportunity of knowing your story and learning more about the life you want.  I’ve experienced few honors as great as coming alongside of another man and helping him become all that he was created to be.

Let’s talk soon.

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