Forum Groups

Forum Groups are monthly small men’s groups that commit to at least a year of meetings. They are an effective way to continue improving the quality of your journey while sharing it with other men who have a similar commitment to growth.  A Forum Group is often set up after members have experienced a retreat and see the wisdom in continuing their journeys with a select group of men.

Forum Groups

Forum Groups are not to be taken lightly. Once a group is chosen, it becomes a closed group, where no others are permitted to join without the full groups approval. Commitment level is high with mandatory attendance and mutually agreed upon guidelines.  The high level of dedication helps create a safe, confidential environment for men to do their powerful work.

Sometimes it’s much easier to see valuable insights when it’s displayed in another man’s life and more difficult when it resides within us. Our view tends to be clouded when it comes to our own deeper pursuits.  Journeying with other men who seek higher ground can provide greater awareness in ourselves.

one man’s work is every man’s work

There’s something inside all of us that thinks we are alone in our issues, that somehow we are the only one experiencing the challenges we face in life. Nothing could be further from the truth. There’s a saying that I’ve come to appreciate that sums up the Forum Group journey and it’s “one man’s work is every man’s work.” We all benefit from understanding each others journey, often seeing an element we connect to strongly. We were not made to travel life’s roads alone. While the details might be different, the core of our battles are familiar.

Full Life offers to set up and train Forum Groups while facilitating meetings for 18 to 24 months, or until it’s determined the group can function at a high level on it’s own.  An established Forum Group is an incredibly powerful experience for a man to have available to him and are strongly recommended.


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