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I’m here to help men who…

desire a meaningful journey and want to experience the power of their potential. I enjoy working with those who value character development, healthy relationships, living from an open, whole heart...and are willing to do the work to get there. If you understand that personal development is a process, that growth is a mindset, then I’d love to come along side of you and help you reach your full, God-given potential. There's an incredible adventure that awaits you. Let's explore where yours is headed together.

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Full Life Focus

Change is inevitable but progress is a choice. Full Life let's you choose your path.


Forum Groups

Take the insights you gain during coaching and retreats, and systematically pursue personal exploration with a select group of like-minded men.

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Personal Coaching

Executive Coaching and Life Coaching in private one-on-one sessions for a personalized, custom approach to the growth and progress you desire.

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Men's retreats are designed for clarity and breakthroughs during powerful two to four day events, in small group settings, through focused deep dive explorations.

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Jim McCoy speaks on topics having to do with the masculine journey, the challenges that men face today and the powerful ways they are transforming their lives.

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