Retreats are an excellent way to get away from the busyness and distractions of everyday life to re-focus on the important issues you face. They can be scheduled in locations that allow for outdoor activities or adventures. Giving yourself permission to step out of the chaos of your schedule, while placing yourself in an environment geared towards your development, can be a powerful time of growth for a man. Great progress can be made over several days of personal reflection, guided assessment and reframing of issues or experiences. The soul-searching efforts can lead to significant breakthroughs that, as you build upon the experience in your daily life, brings great personal transformation.

Personal and corporate retreats tend to have 5 to 10 attendees with a facilitator to guide the days through a chosen curriculum of exercises and experiences. The environment is set up to be a safe, confidential space for men to do their personal work. There are specific guidelines and processes that attendees agree to, to ensure that each man feels they can be authentic as they reflect upon their lives.


Sample of Full Life’s Retreat Topics

Personal Transformation


Life Story

Core Beliefs

Relationship with Money

Vision Plan

Self Limitations


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