When you’ve had the blessing of seeing men’s lives transformed, it’s a joy to share some of the processes that helped it happen.

The journey I like to share is one that has been passed down to me through other men. Few in the Christian church, or the world at large for that matter, have experienced the invitation into authenticity and freedom in such a way.

Helping other men become greater vessels for the unique purposes set aside for them is an honor. The impact of their pursuit can have ripple effects throughout their relational spheres, including spouses, work peers, friendships and children. It’s amazing to see the generational blessing being passed on through the years, as fathers choose to model a faithful, principled life. It’s hard not to be inspired when you see firsthand men living a life of courage and noble pursuit in their everyday lives.

I think sharing the principles, techniques, and processes that help guide a man’s adventure of personal transformation is an important task that’s needed now more than ever.

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