The Habits We Embrace

July 27, 2021


There’s comfort in routine, in doing things the way we are used to doing them. We are creatures of habit. Often routines and habits develop in our lives without us consciously choosing them. Some daily patterns may form out of a healthy place in our lives, and that is good. But some may have formed from unhealthy places that we gravitated to as survival or coping behaviors – or just shear comfort. These are the habits we would be wise to evaluate.

There is a good likelihood that we have chosen routines and habits that actually work in direct opposition from what we deeply long for in our lives. If we do not take the time to intentionally weigh the benefit of our ways, we could end up living lives counter to our deepest aspirations. As tragic of a thought as that might be, it is quite a normal occurrence for a great many of us.

Progress starts with the willingness to take personal stock in how we live our lives and the daily habits we have embraced, while measuring them against the goals for our lives. This reflection is of vital importance for our growth. Continued assessment begins the process of transformation that leads us to the power, passion, creativity, and joy we deeply long for in our journeys. But many of our existing ways will not take us to this place. We must arrive at the deep conviction to break free from our old ways and embrace the promise of the new.

There is much that lies beyond the door of the new, but only you can choose to pursue it. The choice will always be yours. So what’s your move?

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