Breaking Free From Distraction

July 28, 2021


How do you feel when you are sitting still in a quiet place with no distractions? What happens when you are in a place of solitude? Is it peace. . . or is it a hard to place sense of uneasiness?

Some of us find this to be an uncomfortable exercise to do. We much rather fill our time with busyness, tasks, noise – all as random distractions, rather than actually feeling what might be within us.

If we are in a constant state of distraction, we may never understand what we might be feeling below the surface. The pursuit of what is true within us isn’t some form of psycho-babble or trying to reach a state of Kumbaya warm fuzzies, but a very practical way to make progress in our journey. If we can get clarity on what we are potentially stuffing and distracting ourselves from, we can then take the next step of why it is within us. Answering the “why” puts us in the position to make the adjustments necessary, that ultimately provides freedom, contentment and authenticity in our lives.

When we do this work of excavation and discovery, the information we uncover provides the data we need to live with a sense of intentionality.

A superior man tolerates nothing. Accepting this truth is a path to a greater journey.

Are you aware of what you might be tolerating in your life? Do you know what is chipping away at your power, joy, and ability to experience light-hearted pleasure? You might want to consider working with someone who is capable of guiding you and encouraging you through this process. The transformation is life changing, and takes you closer to the path of your potential.

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