Focus Area

Professional Development

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The greatest portion of our days are devoted to our work lives. To a great many of us, a significant amount of our identity comes from our profession.

To toil, to labor – it’s an opportunity to express ourselves, to discover our passions.

to challenge ourselves while growing, to apply our efforts with a sense of purpose and mission

to interact, to take pride in a job well done. to reap the rewards of our efforts.

Some of us have the responsibility of overseeing, managing, guiding others along their career paths.

….it also can be a great source of frustration and dread,

it can rob us of our passion, our zeal, our hope for better days. And sometimes we can find ourselves in situations we are encountering in our work lives that start to spill over into the space of our personal lives.

Assessing circumstances, weighing options, choosing a course forward can provide a great sense of freedom, and permission to live again.


Leadership Principles // Career Progression // Calling & Legacy // Communication Skills // EQ (Emotional Intelligence) // Entrepreneurial Growth // Team Building // Conflict Resolution // Sales Strategies & Techniques




Vision Plans

There is great value in planning both the professional and personal futures you'd like to experience. Vision Plans are a structured process that help get you there.

Habit Evaluation

Quite literally you become your habits. Assessing the habits in your life and taking an intentional approach will help you create the life you desire.


The opportunity to lead others, to cast a vision, to set out in pursuit of common goals, are some of the great blessings of a leader. A great leader rises by lifting others up into a worthy journey.

Troubleshooting / Conflict Resolution

We all have experienced circumstances in our lives that we felt stuck and unable to move past. Some of these situations continue to re-emerge throughout our journey until they are addressed at a deeper, more transformative level.

Effective Communication

Communication is one of the most important components of healthy relationships. Learning to communicate clearly while developing great listening skills can make a tremendous difference in all aspects of your life.

Thought Life

A healthy thought life is essential for maintaining the right perspective on life. When the narrative in your head differs from what you want out of life, the results are a stalled journey.


Being able to tap into your passions and express yourself within your career is a gratifying experience that can pay big dividends.

Team Building

The highest level of productivity is a team of well functioning individuals each playing to their strength, while contributing to the collaborative effort of the group as a whole. Some of the most satisfied and content professionals are found here.